Hair Fall

Majority of us experience some degree of hair fall during some stage of our life. Falling of up-to 100 hair in a day is considered normal. Hair fall is considered abnormal if you see hair on your pillow, on the floor or on the car seat. Hair fall is common during periods of prolonged illness, excess stress, inadequate food intake, periods of hormonal changes in females and certain seasons like monsoons.

Hair fall can be due to genetic factors, environmental factors or nutritional issues. Having a healthy protein rich diet usually helps in improving hair fall. Soybean, spinach, walnuts, soy, tuna, sunflower seeds and canola oil are important dietary essentials useful in keeping hair healthy. General measures like using a mild shampoo, avoiding blow drying and avoiding frequent processing of hair with coloring, perming, straightening etc. can go a long way in
preventing hair fall. Avoid pulling up your hair into tight pony tails.

Treatment options and duration vary according to the cause. Treatment includes identifying and treating the cause, vitamin supplements, minoxidil preparations or injecting supplements into your scalp at weekly intervals. In case of advanced hair thinning hair transplant could be a permanent solution to baldness.

If you have persistent hair fall not improving with general factors please see your skin specialist at the earliest. Many effective treatment modalities are available now to treat all grades of hair fall and give you a head full of strong and healthy hair.